Technical characteristics of old and modern grinding mill

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Technical characteristics of old and modern grinding mill

Beitragvon grinding123 » Mittwoch 27. September 2017, 08:14

Grinding mill is important equipment in building materials, metallurgical, mine, power, chemical, and other industries, for fine powder grinding. In the beginning of new China, China introduced abroad technology, and applied in the industry after digestive absorption and gradual improvement of domestic expert and engineering personnel. In the 1990s of the 20th century, ultrafine mill technology has experienced repeated innovation and improvement, but its main structure and performance has not changed sharply.
With the development of international mineral processing equipment and some positive efforts made of engineers and technicians, old type grinding mill is developed into specialization, rationalization, superfine, high yield, energy saving, and other integrated technology. The grinding mill merged these advanced technologies can be called modern grinding mill. The author would like to talk about some ideas and views on the technical characteristics of old and modern grinding mill on the basis of design experience over the years, for your reference.
The power configuration of grinding mill machine is according to expected production, and the size grade of practical power is not phase match with motor power. Therefore, select motor with slightly big power according to practical power, and then work out the volume and tube body length according to motor power. grinding mill is a heavy load starting equipment, in start-up stage, the power consumption is about 5 times the power used in production, so the configuration power of old grinding mill requires larger normal power.
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