New progress in superfine grinding process of minerals

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New progress in superfine grinding process of minerals

Beitragvon grinding123 » Mittwoch 11. Oktober 2017, 10:04

Ore and other materials grinding more finely, can make production more efficient, can save a lot of costs, and can make the tailings recovery and treatment become simple. The grinding out of the products discussed here is the P80 granularity of 20ÎĽm and 7ÎĽm, which needs to be produced in the production line of energy cost and low cost mill. To achieve this fineness, in the selection of the production line equipment, the second choice superfine grinding as the main ore milling equipment, the ore monomer dissociation of the required energy consumption accounted for about 70% of the total cost of mineral processing plant, in the application of conventional milling equipment to grind the mineral granularity to 20~20ÎĽm below, The cost of traditional superfine grinding in grinding is increased exponentially with the decrease of grinding fineness.
The two problems of fine grinding minerals with traditional grinding machines are that their rotational speeds are relatively low, because when the speed of the mill is higher than the critical speed, the grinding medium is rotated with the cylinder two, the power of the Low-speed mill is relatively low, while in fine grinding, the low power strength mill cannot meet the high grinding amount required by the mineral industry, and the equipment must be increased. And this adds to the production of cost, in order to effectively solve these problems, the traditional mill needs to use a diameter greater than 20mm steel ball, and such a large steel ball clearance is very large, for grinding fineness less than 2020ÎĽm particles is too big, The orb produced by the impact and grinding pressure can not be small materials to form finely effect, Instead, it increases the wear rate of the orb, which makes the production line produce a lot of unqualified products. Therefore, the traditional grinding machine in the high requirements of production requirements, appear more and more lack of capacity, production contradictions also need to be resolved.
Based on this, the birth of a new ultrafine mill material brings the dawn of superfine ore, it has two fixed grinding room, the application of small grinding medium, in the mill with the help of two sets of high-speed rotary mixer operation, stirring mill rely on high-strength stirring, effective driving small grinding medium for high-speed rotation, forming a lot of compressed rotating media layer, This dielectric layer can produce many faces of pressure and torsion, etc., so that the material is crushed to the appropriate size. The result of experiment and actual operation is very remarkable, it is the classic of new grinding equipment.
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