How to prolong the service life of ultrafine mill parts effe

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How to prolong the service life of ultrafine mill parts effe

Beitragvon grinding123 » Freitag 29. September 2017, 08:36

The performance of a ultrafine mill, depends largely on the performance of accessories, such as the wear of accessories quickly, will affect the entire production line of mill productivity, how to extend the service life of ultrafine mill accessories?
The first is the normal wear and tear, ultrafine mill accessories including grinding roller, grinding ring, shovel knives, etc., these are the purchase must be considered, you can consult manufacturers, which ultrafine mill parts consumption wear fast, buy more than a set, in case of a rainy day. Here, to remind customers, in the purchase of equipment, to check the quality of products, these easy to wear accessories, there are manufacturers use high chromium materials, some use high manganese materials, and some will directly use ordinary materials, this use up the difference can be big. Often this is the case, the user at the beginning of the purchase only to consider the price level, the other to ignore the use of a period of time to find a lot of problems, to replace the new equipment, before the investment is not white throw, then come to consider taking some protective measures to avoid excessive wear.
If the processing material hardness is very high, even if the high wear-resistant material ultrafine mill wear speed will not be low, at this time do not have to replace the entire equipment can contact the Shanghai World Super Fine mill manufacturers, according to the Ultra-fine Mill Standard Model, buy high wear-resistant accessories to use, and raw materials into the mill before, as far as possible to break into smaller particles. If the material hardness is not high, still wear fast, at this time to the raw materials to check, see if there is difficult to wear impurities into it, because it can not be milled, the Ultra-fine mill in the host of the continuous cycle of grinding, will accelerate the grinding parts of the loss rate, must be in the selection between the screening, remove impurities.
Make sure that after the material is done, do more work on the method, in strict accordance with the use of instructions, ultra-fine Mill to refuel, can not lack of oil work, and run a period of time, to timely shutdown maintenance, not to open the disease machine, timely cleaning bonding, as long as the equipment maintenance properly, in a reasonable working environment production, Will extend the service life to a large extent.
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