Leveraging Social Influencers' Audiences

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Leveraging Social Influencers' Audiences

Beitragvon JensenBreck » Montag 30. Oktober 2017, 13:47

Hi guys!

I've been watching and implementing many of the strategies that FourPercent teaches and have been getting results. One of the strategies that it teaches is connecting with and leveraging social influencers' audiences whether it's through email list, blog, facebook page/group, and so forth.

I've recently connected with a few YouTubers with at least 100,000 subscribers. I've asked if they would be interested in allowing me to promote a free video series that teaches how to build a successful e-commerce business. I'd like to get you all's feedback concerning how I should compensate them for advertising on their channel.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!! Many thanks!

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