Und von barfu?

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Und von barfu?

Beitragvon yaya2017 » Donnerstag 7. September 2017, 02:21

Virgil Abloh is arguably the most important and influential designer of the moment. He’s also the most quotable.With the release of his 10-shoe collab with Nike coming, dubbed “The Ten,” Abloh spoke with media in New York today as part of a series of Nike “Off Campus” events planned for the week. (The first five shoes from the collection arrive at Adidas Superstar Pánské NikeLab stores in New York on Sept. 9.) Aside from letting attendees know how much sleep he gets nightly (Adidas NMD Femme -2 hours) or the sneaker that sat at the end of his bed as a teen (Air Jordan 5), he also shared design insights on the collection and provided tips to those interested in a career in fashion.“I looked at this whole project as passing the baton and doing right by all the innovation, but adding a lifestyle layer to it. These shoes are icons, they’ve transcended into another space, and this project was sort of highlighting what emotional attachment these objects that are just things you wear on your feet can get a second life, where we can look at them in 2017 and understand how important they were in the past.”“It’s my goal that those kids sitting at a line at Supreme or know about Staple’s first time they released a Dunk know Nike Air Max 90 Dames Roze that there’s an opportunity within Nike, this big corporation, to insert their ideas. … This generation Nike Air Presto Dámské that’s taught themselves how to screen-print T-shirts or skateboard and turn that into a huge industry or make our niche culture relevant, there’s windows within Nike — or any corporation — to insert young ideas, and that’s the premise of my work.”“The Chuck Taylor, immediately I was like, ‘We have to put the Nike Swoosh on the Chuck Taylor and give that impossible product to the kids.’ … There’s rules to follow, and there’s rules to break, and you have to creatively break the rules.

Because this is a huge company, we can’t just start swapping logos and confusing a whole generation on what’s what. If you notice in the finer details of that shoe, my workaround — which I love the first no, because it gives me a strategy on Nike Air Max 90 Heren how to get the same idea through — is that there was a Swoosh, and I removed it and cut the Nike label that’s Nike Air Presto Damen on all the shoes. It’s technically not there, but it’s there.”“Since nothing is going to be perfect anyways, do it on the next one. Iterate. There’s no wrong answers in design.”“Find your constant source of inspiration and attach onto it. For me, it’s conversations all over the world. This week, I was in Stockholm with Ian Connor and Berlin. We were in Milan, London at Skepta’s launch. The moment of walking in and seeing Grace’s Flower [Stall], Skepta, Wizkid, A$AP Rocky, all of us sitting on couches just like this just talking about, ‘That jacket is cool,’ ‘That new A$AP Mob album is great.’ You’re getting a litmus test for what’s the general consensus. For me, it’s about being attached to the culture — in quotes. I Nike Air Max 2016 Damestake that inspiration and I do a 200-piece women’s collection in three weeks. I’m never short of ideas or Adidas NMD Hombre perspective.”“When someone’s sleeping, someone is working. I figured out this format to join my whole team on a WhatsApp group chat, so it’s all time zones, new ideas if I see something. For example, that shoe [Air Jordan 1] originally was all-white. I was in the airport at Newark [N.J.] and I can remember, I was going through security and I saw somebody in a white pair of Dunks, and I couldn’t tell the difference. I was like, ‘Emergency. The Jordan needs to be the Chicago colorway.’ That shoe would have been sort of an anonymous white shoe. I was thinking about the kids on the Hypebeast comments being like, ‘His career is over. Throw him off the ledge.’”

In the 1970s, Nike overtook the former giants of the industry—Puma www.anthonytouma.fr and Adidas, the companies created in the split of the German Dassler brothers’ shoe empire. But Nike saw its Nike Air Max 2017 Womens fortunes dip in the 1980s, while the newcomer Reebook soared. Samsung’s Economic Research Institute found that Reebok thrived by appealing to the “leisure sportsperson.”Today, despite Nike’s market dominance, Adidas has become the hottest brand in sneakers by capitalizing on a similar trend. Shoppers are buying up casual, fashionable footwear, and leaving performance products, especially basketball shoes, on the shelves. Nike simply hasn’t adjusted as well to give shoppers what they want.In an Aug. 29 note to investors, Morgan Stanley analysts cautioned that Nike’s problems in North America appear to be worsening. It’s relying more on discounts to get shoppers buying, threatening to devalue the brand if the markdowns go Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink on unchecked.
The Jordan brand, which has always thrived on scarcity, may also take a dent as Nike aggressively pumps up the number of shoes available. Foot Locker CEO Richard Johnson mentioned on a recent call with investors that sales of certain Jordan styles had slowed considerably. (It doesn’t help either that, as mentioned, fashion has shifted away from basketball sneakers.)
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