Long Ram Jack firmly safe

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Long Ram Jack firmly safe

Beitragvon kaolijack » Donnerstag 21. September 2017, 03:08

Long Ram Jack is a convenient and quick lifting tools, in all walks of life has been widely used, but many people on how to properly use the jack and jack maintenance method is not very clear, this article for this case to explain the next.

The use and maintenance methods of the long ram jack, to do: check each jack parts are intact before you use your long ram jack, hydraulic joints connected firmly safe, hydraulic tubing surface without damage, and hydraulic cylinder damage, test to ensure that the hydraulic piston Normal ejection. Carefully check the instructions before use, should strictly comply with the main instructions in the provisions of the provisions, remember that the ultra-high overload, or when the lifting height or lifting tonnage more than the provisions of the top of the electric hydraulic jack will be a serious oil spill.

When used, the operator should wear a helmet, choose to make the weight of a reasonable focus point, the hydraulic jack placed gently at the bottom of the afternoon, the bottom to be padded, taking into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether the need for tough wood as Bottom support. Hydraulic jack will rise after the weight should be timely with the support of heavy objects will be fixed, the hydraulic jack is strictly prohibited as a support only. If you need a long time to support the weight can choose mechanical self-locking jack.

If you need several Hydraulic Bottle Jack at the same time, you need to use the same rated load of the synchronous jack, select the appropriate distribution valve, pay attention to keep the speed of synchronization. In addition, it is necessary to consider the possibility of ground subsidence due to uneven weight to prevent danger. In order to protect the life of the jack, to avoid corrosive gases, liquids in the workplace only. Long ram jack if you do not use for a long time, you can put the piston rod completely back into the jack, the hydraulic tubing removed after drying in the dark.
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