lightweight, waterproof shel

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lightweight, waterproof shel

Beitragvon yaya2017 » Mittwoch 20. September 2017, 07:50

It started with a simple idea and one that any jet-lagged surfer can sympathize with. Riders on Vans surf team needed something that looked like a shoe but could perform like a light hiker, taking them from the airport to the city to the small, remote island where the break is happening. That solution is the UltraRange Rapidweld, which has a classic Vans silhouette but is packed with features that make it more suited for handling demanding terrain. After wearing a pair all summer, I think that Nike Air Huarache Womens this is the most versatile travel shoe on the market.
Slip them on—with or without Nike Roshe Run Dámskésocks—and a seamless, bootie-like design eliminates friction zones reducing the possibility of blisters. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Uomo A lightweight, airy mesh upper, minimally structured with welded overlays instead of stitched seams to reduce potential rubbing spots, similar to your favorite ultralight running shoe, is breezy on hot days and long walks. I admit Asics Gel Lyte 5 Femme Bleu they’re not as casual as a flip-flop, but the UltraRange are way sturdier and don’t have me worried they’ll blow out after an off-balance foot plant on a cobblestone.
So why not just pick up a pair of trail runners? Besides the hardcore aesthetics—something I’m not channeling during a vacation—there’s the weight. Cruise Outside’s Summer Buyer’s Guide and you’ll see even the lightest on the list is nearly nine ounces. At 8 ounces, the UltraRange Rapidweld’s are noticeably lighter and have a much more casual look.
But it’s the outsole that makes these essential for me. Unobtrusive lugs, the likes of which you won’t find on a traditional water shoe like the Sperry Shock Light Boat, provide decent off-Asics Gel Saga Donne road traction but aren't so pronounced that you feel them walking down a sidewalk. Think of these as a skate shoe with off-road chops. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir et Rose
For serious, scree-scampering or multi-day treks, these aren't going to be your go-to shoes, and heavier-duty hikers and trail runners with more aggressive outsoles, like the Dynafit Feline Vertical or the New Balance Vazee Summit V2, are better suited to take you far into the wilderness. But unless you’re staying in a remote village at the end of a five-mile long hiking trail, trail-specific footwear is overkill for the average seaside village and looks dorky in a major metropolis.
The longer the trip, the more important it is for me to carefully consider what I’m lugging around. Versatility is key. Whether it’s a long walk from the parking lot to Lower Trestles or the train ride into Paris, the Vans UltraRange Rapidweld performed well without making me look like I was headed for base camp.Almost every major outdoor apparel Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Rosa brand makes a lightweight, waterproof shell. I’ve used a lot of Nike Air Max 90 Womens Black them, but the Strafe Scout jacket is my hands-down favorite.
The fit and material choices are what make it stand out. Strafes uses a thin but bomber 2.5-layer proprietary waterproof breathable fabric with built-in four-way stretch, and then gives the jacket an athletic cut, so it's svelte and efficient but still allows for plenty of movement on high-alpine scrambles or while hunched over your bike. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Bleu Although, because it’s a unisex piece, I suggest men size up.
The Scout is lighter than both the 7Mesh Revelation and Outdoor Research Helium II—two other great options in the category—and stuffs into the singe chest pocket like the non-waterproof Patagonia Houdini.
For features, what you see is what you get. The elastic hood stays put, and a little elastic in the waistband helps the jacket fit comfortably over tiny running shorts or mountain bike baggies. That chest pocket holds a phone or bar, and protects the membrane from dirt and oil when the jacket is stuffed inside.
Like all waterproof/breathable products, the Scout has its limitations. After 10 minutes of hiking or mountain biking uphill during a rainstorm, the inside gets clammy. But that's true of any waterproof layer, Adidas ZX 750 Mujer and I can confidently say the Scott breathes better than other, burlier, three-layer shells, which are overkill on all but the most extreme summer missions.
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