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Den best?

Beitragvon yaya2017 » Dienstag 5. September 2017, 02:20

"Now consumers trawl from High Street chain to supermarket and the staff have little involvement; it is a self-service mass market approach and an 'if we've got it you can have it - Adidas Superstar Pánské if not tough' mentality, so manufacturers don't have a clue."A focus on fashion over quality has compounded the problem for many UK women's shoe makers. By contrast the men's market has benefitted from higher-priced items Adidas Superstar Donne such as Goodyear welted shoes which enjoy a healthy export trade to Europe, Asia and US"The price commanded for them makes UK production profitable," says British Footwear Association chief executive John Saunders.By contrast "most UK women's shoemakers were operating in the volume to mid-tier market," he says, and were hit hard in the late 20th Century by increasing Asian competition, retailers demanding a greater share of profits and consumers turning to cheaper shoes."When size five was average the industry would think providing two sizes above to a seven was just about the fringe of adequate for women, but Nike Air Force 1 Womens now that it's a six, we should be seeing far more eights and even nines as standard," says the college's Dr Jill Halstead-Rastrick.She believes the footwear industry is not moving with the times to accommodate a nation that is Nike Roshe Run Dámské taller and heavier and so by evolutionary logic, has larger feet, and warns this is an issue that could be a time bomb for the next generation."Increased weight splays the feet and we are seeing a lot of adults wearing shoes that are too narrow or small. This is only going to become more of a problem as we continue to grow in stature - we need a wider variety of larger sizes."

It's a familiar narrative to Laura West of the Society of Shoe Fitters.
She estimates around 30% of inquiries she receives are from girls aged around 12 unable to find school shoes above a size eight, and who have to wear boys' shoes Nike Air Max 90 Dámské Bílé as a result. Irrespective of any aesthetics this has serious repercussions for girls' foot health, she argues."Boys' shoes will fit differently, and ill-fitting footwear does change [girls] physiology."If feet hurt you shift your weight unnaturally when you walk and this wears out other joints and tendons leading to hip, knee and ankle and neck problems later on."
West believes the problem stems from the demise of British manufacturing in the 1980s, when many UK brands shifted production overseas to cut costs. This has meant less research into foot development and a deeper disconnect between the manufacturer and consumer needs, she says."When we produced shoes here we could run short production lines including larger sizes at little extra cost, but in an overseas factory you have to order in far greater numbers, which becomes Nike Air Max 2016 Dames cost prohibitive.
"Independent shops can't compete with low cost imports - and they would have been the ones to feedback the inability to supply certain items like larger sizes to their manufacturers' representatives.China now accounts for about 65% of shoes made worldwide, and with this production coming from a country where the average female shoe size is a UK three-and-half, this virtual monopoly has hit shoes sizes.
Former luxury shoe buyer Naomi Braithwaite, now a fashion marketing and branding lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, recalls how standard sizes of shoes at the company she worked for reduced after Nike Air Max 2017 Dames it switched production from Italy to China.

"Sample sizes were based on Chinese feet which are smaller boned and narrower. As well as this, many of the designers at the luxury end simply didn't like to see their shoes Nike Air Vapormax Womens in bigger sizes as they didn't think they looked as beautiful as the more petite sizes."
The additional cost involved in producing larger sizes to cover the extra material and increased shipment weight is another deterrent for a somewhat already reluctant industry, she concedes.It's a gap in the market that Long Tall Sally, a specialist in fashion and footwear for tall women, has successfully exploited. Its shoe range starts at size seven and goes up to 13.Making shoes above a size eight costs the firm about £5 extra a pair because of the extra material, and it also uses a bespoke 'last' - a three-dimensional Nike Air Max 90 Womens Black foot shaped mould on which each shoe is made."Germany is very much an exception - it has always had much better selection in larger size footwear and what they do well is shoes with quality, comfort and longevity'" says Nike Air Max 2016 Donne O'Shea.While Germany still outsources production to Asia, many of its footwear brands retain head office, marketing and design in the country - with a consistent focus on function and quality over fashion.It's why Dr Halstead-Rastrick often directs patients to German brands. But she says the industry could better use technology to provide more personalised fittings without the prohibitive prices that handmade shoes usually command.
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