Although this bunch values affordability, experts

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Although this bunch values affordability, experts

Beitragvon yaya2017 » Freitag 29. September 2017, 06:48

The brand’s founder and Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donne Blucreative and design chief said he’s proud of his firm’s marketing strategy, but he credits solid wares for its connection to the youth consumer.
“It’s all about product — that’s all we worry about,” Steve Madden said. “If you’ve got the right stuff, then you can look smart in all the other areas [such as] social media and e-commerce. We do a great Instagram and what not — but we don’t start there.”
Who’s Calling the Shots?According to the most recent study by Kantar Futures, 64 percent of Gen Z’s consumers say that their parents pay for Nike Air Max 90 Mens all of their shoes, and 57 percent say their parents pay for all of their clothing.
But Kate Turkcan, VP and head of youth insights at the firm, pointed Adidas NMD Dames out that the decisions regarding what they wear and how much it costs falls squarely on the product users, not their parents.“From a very young age, they’re Adidas NMD Femme being allowed to make choices on their own,” explained Turkcan. “We’re seeing this future planning mentality that we haven’t seen at this stage before, and that’s coming up in their [fashion] choices — the majority of them say that they’re savers over spenders.”
Although this bunch values affordability, experts point out that Generation Z still has high expectations when it comes to product innovation.“Young people expect brands to innovate, experiment and use new technology,” Bliss said. “Nike and Adidas are two brands that do Nike Air Max 1 Womens that.”
Case in point: Bliss’ firm recently conducted a survey among millennials and Gen Z, asking them to identify nontech brands that they think are innovative. Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink For 13-to-17-year-olds, Nike and Adidas landed on top.
Adidas — which is in the midst of a spirited North American revival — said it has made a few strategic moves recently targeted at creating excitement around innovation for young consumers.
“[In 2016] we introduced new products like NMD and Tubular, partnered with culture influencers like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West to disrupt the industry, collaborated with retail partners to refresh our iconic silhouettes like Stan Smith and Superstar, and mobilized events throughout the U.Nike Roshe Run Donne S.,” said Pascha Naderi-Najed, senior director of global sales at Adidas Originals. “Through this approach, [we] continue to have a very real connection Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink with youth culture because it’s a collaboration of ideas and feedback, ultimately keeping our brand on the pulse of what’s next.”
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